About Us

Main Line Singers is a community chorus based on the Main Line in the beautiful suburbs of Philadelphia. We are focused on performing a fun and accessible repertoire drawn from Broadway, Hollywood, rock and popular music.

Our Artistic Director is Dr. Edward Latham, an amazing musician, teacher and human. You can read more about him here!


We were founded in 2017 to meet an obvious need – how was there no community chorus on the Main Line? Our founder, Kim Carr, also wanted to focus on super fun music like show tunes, pop and jazz. We performed our first concert in 2018.


We want to enhance our community through music – and by being totally awesome people in general! A chorus brings incredible health benefits to the singers, enrichment to the listeners and joy and education to all!

Some Fun Facts

Did you know?

18.1 %
of US households report at least one adult performing in a chorus
million adults are estimated to sing regularly in US choruses
choruses are estimated to exist across the US
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Latest News

Over the Rainbow

In 1939, Judy Garland melted hearts with this classic song in The Wizard of Oz. More than 50 years later, Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwoʻole melted them all over again with his unique ukulele version. Which proves that whether you’re in Kansas or Kauai, a rainbow is made for dreaming. We …

Sunshine on My Shoulders

Imagine it. You’re trudging through a pile of slush in your boots and overcoat, wondering when the grey sky will clear. Then suddenly the sun breaks through and, voila!, the world is looking pretty good again. Now, imagine you could wrap that sunshine up and send it to someone special …

Fly Me to the Moon

You don’t need a rocket ship to fly to the moon. All you have to do is fall in love, and in no time you’ll be orbiting that big rock in the sky, light as a feather! Not to mention it’s cheaper and you don’t need a space suit. We’ll …