Why We Need YOU!

At Main Line Singers, we are all about giving! Every musician gives their musical talent and skills along with their time to rehearse and perform. The reality, however, is that it takes a whole lot more than just the music itself to keep providing beautiful performances for our community. We do not have paid staff to take care of all the business aspects of operating our organization. We only stay in operation because of the love and devotion of our music directors, board members and wonderful volunteers who so graciously give their time and talent, in addition to, of course, our financial contributors. Without all of these we could not exist!

What we have been able to accomplish has always been and always will be limited only by the manpower (in the form of volunteers) and financial resources we have. As our organization has grown (a really good thing), the need for more resources, i.e. volunteers, has increased substantially but the number of volunteers has not kept up with the growth.

For that reason, beyond providing us their musical talent, we strongly encourage every Main Line Singers member to contribute something of themselves in one or more of the MANY areas of volunteer need on the operations side of our endeavors, to help us keep on fulfilling our mission. We hope that every member of our organization will find their niche to serve in some way or another and sign up to help in at least one area. 

We are also in need of volunteers who are NOT musical performers. These volunteers may be family members or friends of our musicians, or people from the community who love and want to support what we do.

We realize that time commitments vary greatly from one person to the next, and so do the jobs and activities that we need help with; there is something to fit nearly all situations and skill sets. Please read through the list of job descriptions/committees to find your place to help us in continuing to fulfill our mission.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, you have something to offer and we need you! Just fill out the volunteer form and share the link with friends/family and encourage them to sign up, too! 

Thank you so much!

“Your life and mine shall be valued not by what we take…but by what we give.”

Edgar Allen, Founder of Easterseals