6 ways choral singing benefits your mental health

Last time I was telling you about the findings in When by Daniel H. Pink. In the section on synchronicity, he details how vital it is for humans to belong to a group and coordinate with others.

“Choral groups are the most robust expression of this phenomenon,” says Pink. But he has other suggestions for synchronicity: row crew, take yoga classes, run in a group. Those sound too much like work to me. Singing is so easy and fun!

He listed seven points in which singing in a group benefits physical health. But he goes on to say that even though the bodily benefits are amazing, the mental ones might be even better.

6 Ways choral singing benefits your psychological health

  1. Delivers a significant boost to positive mood
  2. Lifts self-esteem
  3. Reducing feelings of stress
  4. Alleviates symptoms of depression
  5. Enhances one’s sense of purpose and meaning
  6. Increases sensitivity toward others

Keep in mind, these effects come not from singing per se but from GROUP singing. Pink says, “People who sing in choirs report far higher well-being than those who sing solo.” Give it a try! What do you have to lose?

His advice in summary: “Even if you’ve never been part of a musical group, singing with others will instantly deliver a boost. For choral meetups around the world, go to https://www.meetup.com/topics/choir.”

Can’t wait to see you at rehearsal!