Fly Me to the Moon

You don’t need a rocket ship to fly to the moon. All you have to do is fall in love, and in no time you’ll be orbiting that big rock in the sky, light as a feather!

Not to mention it’s cheaper and you don’t need a space suit.

We’ll help you lift off at our next concert performance, Sun, Moon & Stars, at 1:30 p.m. Sat., Feb. 4, at St. Katharine of Siena Church in Wayne.

Who needs gravity anyway?

Fun Facts

  • This jazzy old standard by Bart Howard was first released in 1954 with Kaye Ballard on vocals.
  • It has been covered by a host of singers, including Johnny Mathis, Eydie Gorme, Peggy Lee, Nancy Wilson and, of course, old blue eyes himself, Frank Sinatra.
  • The Songwriters Hall of Fame inducted it as a “Towering Song” in 1999.
  • The music publisher tried to get Howard to change “fly me to the moon” to “take me to the moon,” but Howard refused.
  • Good for him.