Inspirational guru or someone whose life or work you admire? I admire Winston Churchill for being brave, articulate, steadfast, brilliant, and saving the world.  

Favorite music, band or singer? I love many kinds of music, including country & western, American folk, Irish country, 60’s and 70’s rock, Native American, and classical. 

Why singing? Singing is fun and makes me feel good. It attracts the nicest people! I love hearing the absolutely beautiful voices of the other singers and the pianist. It is also something that takes me out of the everyday problems and politics into a happier space. Very positive energy. 

Why Main Line Singers? I was attracted to MLS as it has no tryouts and is welcoming to a variety of levels. The Director is a great teacher and shares tidbits of musical education throughout the practices. I had thought originally it was going to be more of a singalong and it is more serious than that. But I strive to rise to the higher level. 

Hobby, passion, avocation? My passion is being in nature. 

Best life principle to live by? No big life principles – just try to be a decent, kind person, helpful to my family and others, a promoter of peace, and a person who generally exercises common courtesy and common sense.